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The Science of Tattooing was established by Hannah Wolf to help bring awareness and understanding to areas of tattooing that lack research and education.

Shedding light on the mysterious side of tattooing

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The Science of Tattooing at a Glance

Hannah Wolf, a veteran tattoo artist, began working with PhDs and MDs in 2017 to develop a textbook about the materials used in tattooing. Through this process, she learned that there is a serious lack of research and educational material about the tattoo process.  This is a topic that (permanently) touches millions of people worldwide each year. The project aims to bring existing research to tattooers, consumers, and the medical community; to encourage further research into the subject matter, and ideally to create better standards for tattoo procedures (particularly for clients with known medical conditions).  This publication is our first edition in a series of books which will help bring educational materials and resources for further clarification for operators, lawmakers and consumers.  Every purchase of this publication further funds this project and we thank you for your contribution.  We are always working to improve our research and ask for feedback and questions regarding this publication and future works.

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Making A Difference


"The Science of Tattooing" The book

A comprehensive guide to fundamental scientific terms in context to tattoos

The Science of Tattooing, first edition, covers chemical, physiological, and  medical topics in tattooing. This is one of the first, if not the first, textbooks to comprehensively cover these concepts in a cohesive manner.  If you have ever wanted to know what’s in tattoo ink, how laser tattoo removal works, or what pain is, this book is for you.

Working with regulatory agencies

Consulting from the tattoo industry, for the tattoo industry

The Science of Tattooing actively participates in a conciliatory manner with regulators. Our goal is to help educate lawmakers and enforcement agencies as accurately as possible.  Our roots are in tattooing and our highest priority is to bring an educated and positive viewpoint to this art form we know and love.

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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